Service Terms

Our Terms of Services

Payment Schedule

Upon arrangements, 50% of deposit is required upon your approval of the service to book the event. Plus, the cost of groceries. The remaining balance is due the day the services are rendered and before the chef’s departure of venue. For continued cooking sessions, I will email you an invoice prior to our session with payment methods.  


To assist in meeting your needs Savoir Personal Chef Services may ask you for a limited amount of personal information upon registration for any culinary service. This information is (but is not limited to) name, address, phone number, e-mail address, food preferences and dietary needs. Voluntary personal information is collected through submission forms, questionnaires, consultations (in-person, phone, and e-mail). You have no obligation to submit your personal information however, if you should become a potential client or customer, you may be required to provide some, or all, of the requested information. The information you provide to Savoir Personal Chef Services, is used to help better manage your account and meet your personal needs and preferences. The security of your information is Savoir’s top priority. All information is kept confidential and is never sold, published, or shared with any third party. However, when third-party merchants like PayPal are used to transfer funds, Savoir Personal Chef Services is not responsible for any maintenance or security issues that the client and those websites may encounter.


Cancellations must be received in writing via email, text, or fax no less than 6 days prior to the scheduled cooking session. Since regular clients are scheduled on a monthly/weekly basis, revised dates before the end of the quarter cannot be guaranteed. I will make every effort to accommodate such requests.

All deposits are non-refundable and by default are forfeited upon cancellation for any reason, including covid-19 virus concerns/guest(s) personal health status or concerns; but if an event with another client with a total event cost of equal or larger is successfully scheduled to replace your canceled event, your deposit can be retained and kept on file for your use on a future event. To ensure the maximum utilization of your deposit for a future event, we kindly request providing as much advance notice as possible for cancellations. Please note that deposits for cancellations received six days or less before the event will be automatically forfeited in full. With such short notice, it becomes extremely challenging to fill the vacant spot on our calendar, resulting in missed opportunities from other inquiries. In the event that a replacement booking is not secured, your deposit will be retained to compensate for the significant loss of income caused by an empty space on our calendar.

Returned Payments

Any check or payment returned for insufficient funds will result in a $55 fee due with the agreed payment(s). The client will also be responsible for all charges and fees levied by the bank.

Menu Submission

Because we need proper shopping and preparation time to develop the highest quality cuisine, menu choices must be agreed to no later than 3 days prior to scheduled cook date. Should the menu not be received in a timely manner, we will go ahead with the menu created for that week, keeping in mind your likes and dislikes.



In entering services with Savoir Personal Chef Services, I/We hereby acknowledge that during the performance period of this service(s) may be provided to Me/Us in My/Our home, traveling to an outdoor setting, and/or venue. I/We understand that Savoir Personal Chef Services has a limited role pursuant to the description of tasks outlined in the above-referenced statements wherever services are provided to Me/Us. 

Savoir Personal Chef Services has not represented to Me/Us that hiring for services guarantees in any way a risk-free or emergency-free experience. I/We understand that My/Our chef(s) does not make medical decisions on My/Our behalf, to include the decision when to seek medical care at a hospital when culinary services are provided in My/Our home. When services are performed in areas other than a venue or My/Our home, I/We acknowledge that Savoir Personal Chef Services is not responsible for some of the techniques to prevent food-borne illness, some area sanitation, and proper temperatures to keep food safe and hot. When Savoir Personal Chef Services has completed its service, you are responsible for continuing proper food storage and handling techniques to prevent any food-borne illness. Performance of such tasks to include food safety and sanitation decisions regarding the inclusion or exclusion of services available to Me/Us and My/Our members. 

Now, therefore, in consideration of the above acknowledgements, I/We (both jointly and separately) on behalf of myself, ourselves, My/Our heirs, administrators, personal representatives, executors, and assigns to RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE Savoir Personal Chef Services from all damages or causes of actions, either at law or in equity, which I/We may have or acquire or which may accrue to Me/Us, My/Our heirs, administrators, personal representatives, executors or assigns as a result of using the culinary services of Savoir Personal Chef Services. I/We intend this to be a COMPLETE RELEASE AND DISCHARGE them from all liability whatsoever.  

Buy hiring Savoir Personal Chef Services, I/We have read all statements contained herein and I/we fully realize that I/we are signing a COMPLETE RELEASE AND BAR to any claims which I/we have or believe I/We have resulting from our agreement for personal chef services.