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Learn cooking skills from an industry professional or request your favorite dishes right at your own home.

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Denzell Berry

Denzell's love and passion for cooking has always been central for him. Chef Denzell has worked in multiple roles within the culinary industry.  His enthusiasm for outstanding food and service has resulted in his creation of Savoir Personal Chef Services.

Denzell believe that food brings all of us together and that connection is paramount in our business. When you choose Savoir Personal Chef Services, you become a part of our family.

Chef Denzell is known, not only for creating intriguing and satisfying menus, but for leaving individuals with an experience that is truly mesmerizing. His passion for seeing others come together around good food is reflected both as a chef and cooking instructor.

Growing up, cooking together was more than just preparing to eat. It opened the door for conversation and connection. It was customary to mark an occasion by not only watching his family matriarchs prepare a feast, but to be encouraged to assist. Cooking became second nature and Denzell decided to pursue his passion for cooking professionally. With his fervent drive, he graduated top of his class at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu.

Denzell has worked for some of the best establishments in the Midwest. Working in these establishments has allowed him to provide the experiences and emotions from the refined aspect of food and dining into a more intimate setting.

Upon returning to North Carolina, Denzell continues to share his passion and culinary experiences with others. When he is not zesting up a fabulous meal for his clients, he can be found exploring ethnic cuisines while discovering new inspirations to share with you.

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