Luxury Date Night

A 100% custom menu that is exactly to your wants

Book A Personal Chef For A Romantic Date Night In Greensboro

This is one of our most intimate services that Savoir offers. Whichever it is a first-time date or scheduled dates, anniversary, your significant other and yourself haven’t had much time for each other, it’s all causes for a celebration. Rekindle with your loved one by having a personal chef come and cook for those special occasions in Greensboro. We are here for you when you want to go that extra mile! Save the extra time for you two as we do all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning! 

As we know, dining in at a go to favorite restaurant is a popular choice for a great date experience. Having your own personal chef prepare a three to five-course meal at home for a special occasion is a lesser-known but now becoming the most popular option to celebrate that one special night.

Let’s paint a picture: your dinner table is set up as if you walked into reserved restaurant. You sit down in awe, pop open your favorite bottle of wine, and turn on not any music, but your music. The ambiance of a chef’s kitchen is created in your home with enticing aromas and a romantic indoor or outdoor setting, making an in-house personal chef an appealing option for a personalized and intimate date night. Tell me. How could you not want an in-house chef to make a completely tailored menu and experience for you and your loved one to enjoy?

Beautifully Plated & Delicious Food For Both Of You

Starting at $55 per person

Ready To Plan Your Special Night?

Enjoy a tailored culinary experience with a Personal Chef in the comfort of your own home.