About Us

Savoir History

In 2020, after I lost my executive chef position, I searched for other employment. I took whatever was open and was employed in a dated kitchen devoid of windows, surrounded by gates, and faced a burdensome commute. The workplace had built buses for schools and other forms of transportation. The demanding schedule of opening at 4 am, closing the kitchen, and working another job within an hour left me utterly exhausted. Each morning, I began by flicking on the lights and making extremely large pots of creamy grits, sausage gravy, sheet pans of sausages, bacon, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and setting up a hot line like a school cafeteria. Ulteriorly, it began to lack curiosity. Despite my love for cooking and the superlative establishments I’ve worked in, my passion was slipping away as I toiled away in the restaurant industry for a decade. I realized that my culinary degree was falling to the wayside while working my life away.  

After a decade in the restaurant industry, I made the decision to depart from restaurants indefinitely. I searched for a reasonable and time feasible employment that would allow me to be a private chef. Then I applied for an LLC titled Savoir Personal Chef Services. When I established the business, my mission was clear. To create local cuisine accompanied by exceptional services directly in people’s homes.

Fast forward to today, I am still the proud owner and operator of Savoir Personal Chef Services, which has evolved into a more experiential culinary service. I have built a well-trained team that is prepared for any occasion. My customer base includes both locals and visitors to North Carolina. Whether they’re friends, neighbors, entrepreneurs, or food enthusiasts, my goal remains unchanged: to revolutionize the way people think about food, while providing locals with top-quality food, coupled with exceptional service, in the comfort of their homes.

A orange, green, and white logo of Greensboro, NC Savoir Personal Chef Services.

Savoir: Behind The Name.

Savoir is French and it means “to know.” Knowing In the sense of how to do something through mental ability or through a learning process.

Savoir Personal Chef Services utilize this term to express the knowledge of facts and reasons about what brings us all together and that is food.

We know and appreciate the connection between wellness, people, and food.

We know the connection between food and celebration.

We know that food makes memories.

What We Do

Turn your home into a restaurant and indulge yourself with a tailored dining experience at home.

Savoir is a personal chef company. We have lasting relationships with solid vendors around the state to bring magic to your table. We handle everything, saving you precious time. Go ahead and be a guest at your own table.

Why Savoir?

Every occasion is unique - We work with you to ensure everything flow uniquely for you!

Experience & Knowledge:

Our chefs have extensive experience working in fine dining establishments, luxury hotels, and in some of the finest estates. 


We’ve had the privilege of cooking for professional athletes, corporate executives, ultra-high net worth individuals & families, but you’d never know who, we uphold client privacy and discretion with every customer.


We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our personal chefs have passed a comprehensive background check. 


We believe in organic, non-GMO, pasture-raised, grass-fed, and preservative-free ingredients. Sourcing ingredients based on season, guarantees the freshest and most nutritious ingredients in your meals. 

Food Safety:

All personal chefs are certified professional food managers. Food safety is extremely important to us, and we’ve maintained the highest standard of sanitation practices as if we were in a commercial kitchen every time. 

Service Area:

Greensboro, North Carolina. Savoir Personal Chef offers services throughout parts of or all of North Carolina, Winston Salam, Brown Summit, McLeansville, Raleigh, Charlotte, and more! 

Enjoy the experience

Enjoy a tailored culinary experience with a Personal Chef in the comfort of your own home.